Broadway Copyist font

The Broadway Copyist font is the default font used for Finale's Handwritten and Jazz Band ClosedDocument StylesA Document Style is a model document with settings that can be inherited by new scores created with the Setup Wizard. Document Styles differ from templates in that you still need to specify which instruments appear in your score; you can also associate a Document Style with a particular Setup Wizard ensemble so that it is always used for that ensemble..If a keystroke is separated by a plus sign (+), the keys must be pressed in succession. If a keystroke combination is separated by a comma, type the first keystroke combination, release the keys, and press the character after the comma. All of these characters can also be selected by using Text > Font to choose the desired font and Text > Inserts > Symbol to open the Symbol Selection dialog box.

Broadway Copyist Character Set

Broadway Copyist Percussion Character Set

Broadway Copyist Text Character Set

Broadway Copyist Text Extended Character Set

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