Hidden Notes Found dialog box

How to get there

  1. Make sure Hidden Note Conversion > Ask When Converting is checked in the Preferences - Open dialog box.

    This option is selected by default.

  2. Open a file that includes notes in staves that are not visible in Page View due to optimized systems.

What it does

This dialog box allows you to choose whether you want to automatically show notes in staves that have been hidden due to optimization. Optimization, now replaced with Hide Empty Staves, was a former Finale feature that suppressed any empty staves (in a staff system) from Page View and the printed page. This may have been done intentionally in order for music to playback without being visible. See Hiding staves.

  • Reveal the Hidden Notes. Choose this option to automatically show all staves that include hidden notes if you have not intentionally optimized systems.
  • Keep the Notes Hidden. Choose this option if you want staves with hidden notes to remain hidden. When you choose this option, Finale automatically applies a Staff Style to all hidden staves with notes in systems that were formerly hidden via optimization. After opening a score with this option chosen, you can view the hidden measures in Scroll View. While in Scroll View, select the Staff tool icon to display Staff Style bars above measures that have been hidden. To show Staff Style names in the bars, choose Staff > Show Staff Style Names. Measures that have been hidden automatically can be identified by the Hidden Staff (Auto-created on conversion) Staff Style.
  • OK. Click OK to apply the option you have chosen and open the score.

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