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For details on specific interface changes added in the most recent version of Finale, see Finale Interface Changes. For a list of fixed defects, refer to the Read Me document that was installed with your version of Finale or Fixes in Finale.

What's New in Finale version 26.1


  • Centering. Articulations that center on-stem when stem-side now center on the notehead if there is a notehead-centered articulation also present on stem-side.
  • Layers. Finale is now smarter about articulation placement when multiple layers are present. Articulations set to Above Note now avoid collisions with articulations in other layers when Place stem side when multiple layers are present is checked in the Articulation Designer dialog box. The support files have been updated to reflect this change.


  • Character limit. Hyperlinks can have a URL (and display text) that is more than 128 characters long. See Hyperlink dialog box.


  • Linked parts are automatically generated when importing a MusicXML file. See MusicXML Preferences dialog box.
  • Repeat endings (backward and forward) and text repeat marks appear in all linked parts when exported and re-imported into Finale.
  • Tempo marks, tempo alterations, and rehearsal marks appear in all linked parts when exported and re-imported into Finale.
  • Page sizes and margins, system breaks, and page-attached text are accurately exported and re-imported into Finale when exporting compressed MusicXML files with the export linked parts option set. When the MusicXML preference for including linked parts in the export is off, data specific to linked parts isn't saved and re-importing into Finale will use the default page layout settings for linked parts.


  • Patterson Plug-ins Lite. Patterson Plug-ins Lite has been updated to display improved results when running the plug-in on a beam group with on-stem tremolo articulations.


Previous versions

For the following feature lists, items that have changed as of the current version of Finale are marked with an *.

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