Unicode Fonts

Unicode is a character coding system that enables a single font to include a much larger selection of characters and symbols. (For a detailed explanation of Unicode and Unicode standards, visit the Unicode Consortium's website.)

Using Unicode fonts, Finale users have the ability to enter text in Russian, Chinese or other languages that use non-Latin based characters. Typically, this will be done using the Lyrics tool, Text tool or Expression tool. Unicode characters are also available one at a time as individually inserted symbols, or can be copied and pasted from outside of Finale.

  • Finale supports use of foreign language keyboard settings. Use an alternate input source to type directly into Finale (consult your computer operating system's documentation for instructions on setting up this feature).
  • Any character can be inserted, one at a time, as a symbol from the Symbol Selection window. Choose Inserts > Symbol from the Text menu when using the Text tool, Lyrics tool or Expression tool or any time the Symbol Selection window appears.
  • To copy and paste Unicode characters from other applications or your operating systems character viewer into Finale, ensure that the same font is selected in both applications. If the characters do not display correctly, make sure that Substitute Font for Missing Unicode Characters must be checked.