Navigating your music

Customizing your view of the score

Finale’s basic navigation features allow you to display the score in a variety of formats, or views, and bring any region of the score into focus using zoom functions. Finale has three main ways of viewing your score: Scroll View, Page View and Studio View. Each has different uses and strengths.

By the end of this lesson, you will know how to:

  1. Choose a view that best suits your needs
  2. Zoom to adjust the size of your score on the screen
  3. Change the visual score region using the Hand Grabber tool and switch pages

Scroll View

Scroll View displays your music as one continuous, horizontal stream of music.

To move to Scroll View

  • Choose View > Scroll View. Or,
  • Press COMMAND+E (toggles between Scroll and Page View).

Scroll View

By removing the barriers of page breaks, Scroll View offers quick, easy navigation.

Page View

Page View displays music exactly as it will appear on the printed page.

To move to Page View

  • From the View menu, choose Page View. Or,
  • Press COMMAND+E (toggles between Scroll and Page View).

Page View

Page View is Finale’s “print preview.” This view is ideal for formatting your music before printing.

Studio View

Studio View is similar to Scroll View in that it displays your music in a horizontal system, but also includes the Staff Mixer Controls on the left hand side for real-time control of volume on each staff.

To move to Studio View

  • From the View menu, choose Studio View. Or,

Studio View

Studio View is specially-designed for auditioning playback.


You can change the size of your music on the screen using the Zoom tool, selecting a view percentage from the View menu, or by using a related keyboard shortcut.

To zoom in or out using the Zoom tool

  1. Choose the Zoom tool icon.
  2. Click on the score to zoom in.
  3. OPTION+click to zoom out.

To change the view percentage with the View menu and define custom zoom percentages

  1. Choose the View > Zoom > Custom Zoom (1, 2, or 3, depending on the desired percentage).
  2. Choose Define Custom Zooms to open Preferences - View where you can set the three custom zoom levels.

To use keyboard shortcuts to zoom

  • Press COMMAND+= to zoom in,
  • Press COMMAND+- to zoom out
  • Press COMMAND+1, 2, or 3 to select one of your custom zooms

Changing the visible score region and switching pages

The Hand Grabber tool and the page view buttons are two effective ways to navigate to a specific portion of music.

To change the visible score region using the Hand Grabber tool, and navigate pages with the page scroll controls

  • Choose the Hand Grabber tool icon. Then, click and drag to change your view. Or, with any tool selected, COMMAND+OPTION+click and drag to move the score.
  • In Page View, the arrow buttons in the lower left corner of your screen allow you to navigate between pages. You can also type in the page number and press RETURN to change pages.
  • In Scroll or Studio View, this text box allows you to type in a measure number and press RETURN to move to a different part of your score.
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