Smart Split Point plug-in

How to get there

  1. Select a region with the Selection tool .
  2. Choose Plug-ins >TGTools> Smart Split Point.

What it does

This plug-in is designed for use with piano music. After recording a HyperScribe session, for example, you can use this plug-in to correct for split point errors (sections you want to move notes to the other staff). It identifies notes which need to be moved automatically. To obtain the best result, you can help the plug-in identify these notes by setting some options, such as the highest or lowest note that can occur in the bottom or top staff, etc.


  • Lowest note for top staff (C4=middle C): This is one of the most important settings. Find the lowest note in the top staff and enter its pitch here. The default, G3, is the G below the second ledger line below a treble clef staff.
  • Highest note for bottom staff: This is an equally important setting as the previous one. The default, A4, is the A above the third ledger line above an bass clef staff.
  • Try to put at least how many notes in bottom staff: This option can really improve the output. If the music always has at least one note in the bottom staff, such as a bass line, then you should enter a 1 here. Occasional exceptions may not even matter.
  • Simplify rhythm: This option can be useful for combining rests or tied notes, but you should use it only if needed.


  • Max. simultaneous interval in upper staff (8=octave): This option should be set according to the music being processed. Specifying the maximum interval that can be found in the correctly notated music will produce better results.
  • Max. simultaneous interval in lower staff: Same as previous option, but for the lower staff.
  • Max. leap in upper/lower staff: This information can also help the plug-in to make the correct educated guesses in terms of which notes should be moved.
  • Minimize simultaneous intervals per staff: This option will move notes even though the maximum interval in a staff is not exceeded. You can uncheck it if it produces incorrect results.

Note Durations

  • Note durations may be shortened to make space for new ones • Try to remove resulting rests by expanding the preceding note values • Allow moved notes replacing rests to be longer than before • Allow notes added to chords to be longer than before. These options will help making the output of the plug-in clearer. Uncheck any one of them if they produce incorrect results.
  • OK • Cancel. Click OK to apply the current commands and leave the dialog box available for the next set of commands. Click Cancel to dismiss the dialog box without making any changes.