Playback and/or Click dialog box

How to get there

  1. Choose the HyperScribe tool icon. The HyperScribe menu appears.
  2. Choose HyperScribe > Beat Source > Playback and/or Click.

What it does

Use the Playback and/or Click dialog box to set the recording tempo, to define a start signal for recording, and to select whether staves play back while Finale records your performance.

  • MIDI Input Tempo; Use Playback Tempo • Use This Tempo • Listen. Select Use Playback Tempo to record using the same tempo assigned to the playback - including expressions and/or the tempo setting in the Playback Controls. When you select Use This Tempo, Finale uses the specified tempo for all HyperScribe record modes. Type the tempo into the text box, or click Listen and the Listen to Tempo dialog box appears; then tap the tempo on your MIDI keyboard or in the dialog box with your mouse. Finale fills in the tempo for you.
  • Beat equals • EDUs. Click the note duration you would like to use for your beat. Type in the number of EDUs for any duration that is not available from the palette.
  • Noteman says: Finale does not play back staves if either Tap or External MIDI Sync is selected in the Beat Source submenu.

  • Start Signal for Recording: None (Record Immediately) • Any MIDI Data • Standard Sustain Pedal • Nonstandard Sustain Pedal • Current Metronome Sound • Other. Choose None (Record Immediately) for Finale to start recording without waiting for any signal to begin. Choose one of the other options to have Finale start recording upon input of any MIDI data; when you press a standard (or a nonstandard) sustain pedal; or when the current metronome click is played, respectively. To define a start signal that is not listed, choose Other; the MIDI Event dialog box appears, where you can enter values for the MIDI event. Or, click Listen, then play the MIDI signal; Finale enters the settings for you.
  • Noteman says: The Start Signal for Recording setting is used only when you’re recording (and Playback and/or Click is selected in the Beat Source submenu), not when you’re playing back your music.

  • Play Staves While Recording. Select this option if you want staves selected in the ScoreManager to play back. Playback and/or Click must be selected in the Beat Source submenu. See ScoreManager window.
  • Click and Countoff. Click this button to display the Click and Countoff dialog box where you can set various options for the metronome click.
  • Cancel • OK. Click OK to confirm the new settings, or click Cancel to discard any changes you made. You return to the score.

Tip: Record at a slower tempo if you don’t warm up on Chopin Nocturnes. Start Signal for Recording can be identified from a list of MIDI events or none at all (when you click in the measure Finale will be counting off).

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