Lead sheets

In general, lead sheets are no different than any other format.

To create a lead sheet as a linked part

If you have a Lead Sheet, or a melody line and chord symbols, for example, that you would like to transpose for several instruments, use linked parts. Let's say that you have a single staff melody line with chord symbols for a C transposing instrument such as Flute.

  1. Choose Document > Manage Parts.
  2. Click New Part.
  3. In the far right pane in this dialog, add the melody line staff to this new part.
  4. Click Edit Part Name and name the new part. Click OK, OK.
  5. View the new part you just created.
  6. Choose the Staff tool icon. Choose Edit > Select All (or press COMMAND+A).
  7. CONTROL+click the staff and select one of the available instrument transpositions such as "Clarinet in Bb." See that the notes and chord symbols transpose accordingly. If the transposition you're looking for doesn't appear here, you can define your own Staff Style.
  8. Repeat this process for additional parts.

To omit the left barline from each system

In many lead sheets, there is no barline at the left end of the line.

  1. Choose Document > Document Options and select Barlines. The Document Options - Barlines dialog box appears.
  2. Deselect Display on Single staves (or Display on Multiple Staves).
  3. Click OK to save your settings and return to your document.

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