Latin Percussion Plug-in

How to get there

  1. To apply Latin percussion to a region, select the region with the Selection tool icon.
  2. Choose Plug-ins > Scoring and Arranging > Latin Percussion.

What it does

Noteman says: This plug-in assumes SmartMusic SoftSynth is chosen as your MIDI output device in the MIDI Setup dialog box.

The Latin Percussion plug-in automatically generates authentic notation and playback of Latin Percussion rhythms designed by Professor Jose Cortijo. This plug-in uses a highly specialized variety of noteheads for performance indications. Authentic Latin percussion sounds are included with Finale’s SmartMusic SoftSynth SoundFont, and applied to staves automatically when you use this plug-in. There are two versions of each style: one in Jazz font and one in Maestro font.

  • [Select a Style] • [Instruments Available] • [Chosen Instruments]. The Select Style column displays a list of styles to choose from. Prior to choosing a style, be sure your document is set to the appropriate time signature for the style. When you choose a style, instruments characteristic of that style appear under the Instruments Available column. When you select a different style, the instruments here change to those included in the selected style. Select the instruments you would like to add (COMMAND-click to add to your selection), and click the Add button. When you click Add, the selected instruments appear in the Chosen Instruments column - ready for inclusion in the document.
  • Add • Remove • Add All. Click Add to place the selected instruments for the style under the Chosen Instruments column. Click Remove to clear selected instruments from the Chosen Instruments column. Click Add All to place all instruments for the style into the Chosen Instruments column.
  • Place Music into: New Staff or Staves at Bottom of Score • Existing Staves Starting with. Select New Staff or Staves at Bottom of Score if you want Finale to create a new staff for each instrument below the existing staves. Select Existing Staves Starting with _ to fill existing staves with Latin rhythms starting with the staff selected in the pop-up menu (replacing whatever music is currently on them).
  • OK • Cancel. Click OK to add the Latin percussion rhythms to the selected region based on the style and instruments you have chosen. Click Cancel to dismiss the dialog box without adding rhythms.