Assign to Staves dialog box

How to get there

  1. Choose the Expression tool icon, and double-click a measure or existing expression in the score to open the Expression Selection dialog box. (This dialog box also appears when you’re programming an expression Metatool: While pressing SHIFT, press a letter or number key.)
  2. Choose a category other than tempo marks, tempo alterations, and rehearsal marks.
  3. Click the pop-up menu next to the Assign button and choose Assign to Staves. Or, right/CONTROL-click an expression in the score and choose Assign to Staves.

Noteman says: Tempo marks, tempo alterations, and rehearsal marks are displayed on specific staves using ClosedScore ListsScore lists are applied to expressions that apply to the full score including tempo marks, tempo alterations, and rehearsal marks. They indicate the staves on which these expressions should appear and can be edited in the Category Designer dialog box.. See Category Designer dialog box.

What it does

The Assign to Staff dialog box allows you to define assignment lists, which are used to specify the staves to which an expression will be assigned. Once defined, an assignment list appears under the Assign menu of the Expression Selection dialog box. Assignment lists are only used for expressions that apply to a single staff (e.g. dynamics), and any expression added in this manner is subsequently independent, as if it were added individually.

Assignment lists are a document setting, and saved with each individual document.

Noteman says: Only expressions assigned to a Score List include a Closedmaster expressionAll expressions that are subject to a Score List include a master expression, which is the first occurrence of the expression (vertically) in the score. When you drag this expression, all other occurrences of the expression (in both the score and parts) move uniformly. Press ` (tilde) while dragging a master expression to move it independently..

  • Name • [New Assignment List text box]. From this pop-up menu, choose the desired assignment list. To add a new list, enter a name in the lower text box and click the Add button to add it to the list.
  • [Staves list]. This list displays each staff in the score. Check a box to specify you want to add the expression to that staff.
  • Add • Remove. Click Add to introduce the current settings and list name to the assignment list. Click Remove to delete the selected assignment list.
  • OK • Cancel. Click Cancel to return to the Expression Selection dialog box without making changes. Click OK to confirm your selection and add the expression to specified staves in the score.

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