Accidental Settings dialog box

How to get there

  1. Choose the Special Tools tool icon, and click a measure containing accidentals.
  2. Click the Accidental Mover Tool; handles appear on each accidental. Double-click the handle on the accidental.

What it does

The Accidental Settings dialog box allows you to specify the horizontal and vertical positioning of an accidental, relative to the note or chord; change the size of the accidental; and choose an alternate character or font for the accidental.

  • Positioning: Horizontal • Vertical • Allow Vertical Positioning. Enter the precise amount to offset the accidental. Positive numbers will move the accidental to the right; negative numbers will move the accidental to the left. This dialog box will use the units set in Finale > Measurement Units. Check the Allow Vertical Positioning box to access the Vertical text box.
  • Size: Resize To __ %. This text box specifies how much you want to resize the accidental, expressed as a percentage of the original full size.
  • Font: Use Default Accidental Font • Set Font • [Font]. Check this box to use the default font in Document Options - Fonts for accidentals. To select a different font, click Set Font. Underneath the Set Font button, Finale displays the currently selected font for accidentals.
  • Alternate Character: Select. Click Select to display the Symbol Selection dialog box, where you can select a font character to replace the selected accidental.
  • OK • Cancel. Click OK to return to the score, where you’ll see the effects of your accidental changes. The handle you clicked remains selected to remind you that you’ve modified it. Click Cancel to return to the score without changing any accidentals.