Garritan & Human Playback Tutorial

Garritan virtual instrument libraries are acclaimed for their unprecedented realism and control over playback. Whether you use Garritan Instruments for Finale, the full version of Garritan Personal Orchestra (GPO), Garritan Jazz and Big Band (JABB), or any other Garritan library, these instrument sounds are seamlessly integrated into your Finale documents using the latest audio plug-in technology.

Noteman says: For the best experience in using a Garritan library with Finale, see Setting up Garritan sound libraries in Finale in our Knowledge Base.

Finale's Human Playback is designed to make maximum use of the power and flexibility of Garritan instruments. Hairpins, articulations, expressions, and performance techniques like pizz. and arco are automatically interpreted. Human Playback uses the expressive potential of the Garritan sounds to bring your score to life.

In this tutorial, you will learn more about some of the advanced features of Finale, Human Playback, and Garritan instruments, and how you can use them together to create the most realistic and nuanced playback of your score.

This tutorial assumes that you are already familiar with the basics of Finale: using the Setup Wizard, entering music, creating custom expressions, articulations and Smart Shapes, using the Playback Controls, etc. If you are unfamiliar with these subjects, a run through the Finale Tutorials is highly recommended.