Export Lyrics dialog box

How to get there

  1. Choose the Lyrics tool icon. The Lyrics menu appears.
  2. Choose Lyrics > Export Lyrics.

What it does

The Export Lyrics dialog box allows you to save the lyrics in your file to a text file. These lyrics could then be imported into a word processor for spell-checking or sent to a lyricist for collaborations. You may choose to export all lyrics, all lyrics of a specified type, or any single lyric of a specified type.

  • Lyric Type • All • Verse • Chorus • Section. Choose which lyric or lyrics to extract from the current score. Type the specific verse/section/chorus number in the adjacent text box.
  • Remove Hyphens and Underscores. When this check box is selected, normal hyphens and underscores are removed from the text.
  • Copy All to Clipboard. Click this button to load the contents of the preview window to the clipboard. Then, select a destination, such as a word processing document, and press COMMAND+V to paste.
  • Save Text File. Choose this option to open the Save Text As dialog box where you can name, choose a location, and save the lyrics as a text file.
  • Cancel. Click this button to dismiss the Export Lyrics dialog box and return to the score.