Date stamps

When you create a time stamp or a date stamp using text inserts, Finale automatically prints the current time or date on your document each time you print it.

To create a time or date stamp

  1. Choose the Text tool icon.
  2. Double-click where you want the Date or Time stamp on the page. The text editing frame appears.
  3. Select font, size and style from the Text menu. Skip this step if the default Text Block settings are the ones you want to use. See Document Options - Fonts.
  4. Choose Text > Inserts > Date or Time.
  5. Choose Text > Frame Attributes. The Frame Attributes dialog box appears.
  6. Select Page. Choose Single Page from the pop-up menu and type 1 in the first text box. (These should be the default settings).
  7. Specify where you want this date stamp to appear, using the options in the Frame Attributes dialog box. Use the Alignment and Position pop-up menus and the Attach To options to place the date or time stamp.
  8. Click OK to exit the Frame Attributes dialog box. The date stamp appears on the pages you specified, with the justification you selected. To move the date stamp, drag its handle; select the handle and press DELETE to remove it.

To change the date format for date stamping

  1. Choose Document > Document Options and select Text. The Document Options - Text dialog box appears.
  2. From the Date Format pop-up menu, choose the short or long date format.
  3. Click OK to save your settings and return to your document.