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View/Select Staff Set

You can greatly speed your work on orchestral scores by hiding the staves you’re not currently editing, so that there’s less music for Finale to draw. You can create up to eight staff templates—different arrangements of the staves in your music. This method only changes the display in Scroll View. See Hiding staves for a complete description.

To create a staff set, click the Staff Tool; select the staves you don’t want to hide. If you have many staves, and you only want to hide one or two, here’s a quick way to do it. Choose Select All from the Edit menu to select all handles; then SHIFT-click a staff handle to exclude it from the selected staves.

Next, while pressing CTRL, choose Program Staff Set from the View menu; from the submenu, choose one of the Staff Sets (1 through 8). You’ve just defined a Staff Set. To view the new configuration of staves, choose the Staff Set you just programmed from the same submenu. Choose All Staves to restore all staves to the display.

A quicker way to switch from one staff template to another is to press the keyboard equivalent for the desired Staff Template: control–zero to show all staves, and control–1, control–2, and so on for the eight Staff Sets. Finale prints all staves (and displays all staves in Page View), however, no matter which are visible in Scroll View.


All Staves

Staff Set 1

Staff Set 2

Staff Set 3

Staff Set 4

Staff Set 5

Staff Set 6

Staff Set 7

Staff Set 8


Select Staff All Staves

Select Staff Set 1

Select Staff Set 2

Select Staff Set 3

Select Staff Set 4

Select Staff Set 5

Select Staff Set 6

Select Staff Set 7

Select Staff Set 8


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