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To define a tempo marking for playback

  1. Click the Expression tool  image\Expression_Tool.gif. If you haven’t yet placed the marking in the score, double-click where you would like to add the marking. When the Expression Selection dialog box appears, choose Tempo Marks, click the desired marking, click Edit, and then skip to step 3.
  2. CTRL+double-click the handle. The Expression Designer dialog box appears.
  3. Click the Playback tab to display the playback options. The dialog box expands.
  4. Choose Type > Tempo; then enter a number in the Set to Value box. The number you type into the box is a standard metronome setting. (This setting is measured in quarter notes per minute, but you can change it to half notes—or any other value—using the Tempo drop-down list.) You’ve just defined the Expression to change the playback tempo to this setting whenever the marking appears in the score.
  5. Click OK (or press ENTER). If you just defined a new expression, click Assign to add it to the score. Any time Finale encounters the expression you’ve just defined when it plays back your score, the tempo will change to reflect the expression’s playback definition.

Note. To easily record, or ‘conduct,’ a unique tempo change for any region, use TempoTap.



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