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To place a tempo marking in the score

  1. Click the Expression tool  image\Expression_Tool.gif.
  2. Double-click on, above, or below the note or measure to which you want to attach the marking. The Expression Selection dialog box appears.
  3. Choose the Tempo Marks category from the list on the left.
  4. If the tempo marking you would like to add appears in the list, double-click it to add it and return to the score. If not, click the Create Tempo Mark button. The Expression Designer dialog box appears.
  5. Type the text for the tempo marking. You can enter Allegro, Moderato, or whatever marking you want. The font, size, and style is applied automatically based on your settings for tempo marks in the Category Designer dialog box. Use the Font drop-down menu to mix music characters with regular test. See also Creating a metronome marking.
  6. Click OK then assign to return to the document. The tempo indication appears in the score.



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