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Transcription Filters dialog box

How to get there

  1. Click the HyperScribe tool  image\HyperScribe_Tool.gif. The HyperScribe menu appears.
  2. Choose HyperScribe > Transcription Mode.
  3. Click a measure.
  4. Choose Transcription > Transcription Filter.

What it does

In this dialog box, you can specify certain MIDI channels and ranges of notes you want to include or exclude from the transcription. You could, for example, specify that only the notes within a certain octave range to be transcribed, even though your performance included notes all over the keyboard.

If you’ve just played a multichannel sequence into the Transcription window (from an external sequencer), for example, you’ll probably want the notes from each MIDI channel to be transcribed onto their own Finale staff. In this dialog box, you can specify a single MIDI channel at a time for transcription, or as many as four channels.

Similarly, if you just entered a keyboard performance that you want transcribed by register—for example, you want to transcribe only the notes above middle C—you can use this dialog box to specify a range of notes for transcription.

Suppose, for example, you’ve just played a sixteen-channel sequence from an external sequencer into the Transcription window, and you want the contents of each channel to appear on its own Finale staff. Choose Transcription Filter from the Transcription menu, and enter 1 in the first Channel text box. In the Low and High text boxes, enter 1 and 200—unless you only want to include a certain range of notes in the transcription (see Key Range: Low/High, below). Proceed with the transcription in the usual way; Finale will notate only the music it received from channel 1 of the original sequence. Repeat the process with the other MIDI channels (transcribing one at a time onto different staves).

Note that you don’t have to calculate the key numbers and type them in manually. An easier method is to click the Listen button beside each pair of text boxes, and play the notes—the lowest, then the highest; Finale enters their key numbers in the text boxes automatically.

In this way you can specify up to four different ranges of notes you want transcribed from your performance. You can use these text boxes to exclude notes from the transcription, too, by entering a higher value in the Low text box than the value in the High text box. If you want to transcribe all notes except for middle C, for example, enter 61 in the Low text box and 59 in the High text box (middle C is key number 60).

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