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Set Distances dialog box

How to get there

  1. Choose File > Open and Select MIDI from the File Type drop-down list.
  2. Double-click the name of a MIDI file you want transcribed.
  3. In the Import MIDI File Options dialog box, click the Set Track-to-Staff List radio button.
  4. Define track-to-staff mappings for the desired tracks by clicking each row of information (see Track/Channel Mapping dialog box).
  5. Click Set Dist.

What it does

In this dialog box, you can specify a uniform distance between staves in the Finale document that results from your MIDI file transcription, as well as the distance between the top staff and the top page margin. Note that you can override these settings on a staff-by-staff basis by clicking the staff name and changing the Distance number in the Track/Channel Mapping dialog box.

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