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Fixed Split dialog box

How to get there

  1. Choose File > Open and select MIDI File from the File Type drop-down list.
  2. Double-click the name of a MIDI file you want transcribed.
  3. In the Import MIDI File Options dialog box, click the Set Track-To-Staff List radio button.
  4. In the Track/Channel Mapping to Staves dialog box, click the top unassigned row of track/channel mapping information.
  5. In the text boxes at the top of the Track/Channel Mapping dialog box, enter the track numbers and MIDI channel numbers of the "tracks" you want to split.
  6. Click Fixed.

What it does

In this dialog box, you can specify up to four split points for the music in the sequencer track (or tracks) you’ve specified for transcription. In each pair of text boxes, you specify a range of notes you want to appear in a separate staff. You could, for example, include only the notes in the flute’s register to place in one staff; only the notes in the bass’s register to put in another, and so on. You can even specify overlapping split ranges so that some notes are transcribed more than once.

Note. You don’t have to calculate the key numbers and type them in manually. Click the Listen button (see below) beside each pair of text boxes, and play each note—the lowest, then the highest note in the range; Finale enters their key numbers in the text boxes automatically. You can split the notes of the track (or tracks) you’ve indicated into as many as four separate staves this way. These staves will appear in the same top-to-bottom order as these pairs of text boxes.

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