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SmartMusic Accompaniment File Compatibility

How to get there

  1. Choose File > ExportSmartMusic.
  2. After completing the export procedure, if the file contains notation elements incompatible with SmartMusic, this dialog box will appear.

What it does

Some aspects of notation that can be created in Finale are not fully compatible with SmartMusic. Some of these detract from assessment accuracy, others cause problems with navigation in SmartMusic, others are not supported by SmartMusic altogether. If, while exporting a SmartMusic accompaniment, your file includes any item not fully compatible with SmartMusic, this dialog box appears identifying the conflicts.

You can resolve the incompatible items while viewing this dialog box.

Finale allows you to save the SmartMusic Accompaniment without resolving all conflicts. Review the SmartMusic Compatibility Guideline or the description on the right side of this dialog box for details regarding the effects of each conflict.

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