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Shape Designer menu

How to get there

Click the Expression tool  image\Expression_Tool.gif, and double-click a note or measure. Or, with the Text Tool highlight the handle of a text block and select custom frame from the Text menu. Click Shape; Create; Select; Create. You arrive in the Shape Designer, and this menu appears at the top of the dialog box.

What it does

The Shape Designer menu contains a number of commands that help you create your own custom musical shapes. For example, it lets you specify how thick a line is, what kind of shading should fill a rectangle, whether a line should be dashed or solid, and so on. It also contains commands for manipulating individual objects in your drawing—for grouping them together, rearranging their front-to-back order, and so on.



Send to Back

Bring to Front



Select Font

Line Style

Line Thickness



Bracket Style

Rulers and Grid


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