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FinaleScript Editor dialog box

How to get there

  1. Choose Plug-ins > Miscellaneous > FinaleScript Palette.
  2. Click the View Current Script button .

What it does

In this dialog box, create or edit scripts used in the FinaleScript plug-in

 Contextual Menus 

Contextual menus are reached by right-clicking text in the FinaleScript - Editor dialog box. A contextual menu will be displayed where you can select various items (see also FinaleScript Helpers).


menu item

What it does

Insert path

Launches the Open dialog box where you can choose a source or destination folder (choose a folder and FinaleScript will insert the path automatically)


Comments or uncomments the selected line


Opens the FinaleScript - Editor topic of the Finale User manual.

COMMAND unfound/(no keyword found)

Indicates whether or not the selected command is in the FinaleScript Dictionary

Dictionary list

Lists all keywords bearing resemblance to the selected text


Script Syntax Coloring

FinaleScript uses an automated coloring scheme to display the function of script text. As you type FinaleScript updates the coloring automatically.


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