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Standard Frame dialog box

How to get there

  1. Click the Text tool  image\Text_Tool.gif. The Text menu appears.
  2. Click a text block handle.
  3. Choose Text > Standard Frame.

What it does

Use the Standard Frame dialog box to specify whether a border appears around the text block, and to specify the thickness of the border. Also specify the amount, in measurement units, to indent the text from the frame. This setting affects the text block both on-screen and on printed music.

Neither of these options will be selected if you create a text block by double-clicking and dragging to create the size frame that you want the text to flow into. Dragging the frame on-screen to adjust the text block’s width or height will also deselect these settings. Make sure that Expand Horizontally is not selected if you want the text to wrap when it reaches the edge of the frame, and that Expand Vertically is not selected if you want the text to flow into the height of the existing frame.

The sides of the frame show a single line on-screen to indicate that the frame will expand horizontally or vertically. A double line indicates that the frame is a fixed size; drag the side of the frame to resize it.

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