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Smart Shape Options dialog box

How to get there

  1. Click the Smart Shape tool  image\Smart_Shape_Tool.gif. The Smart Shape menu appears.
  2. Choose Smart Shape > Smart Shape Options.

What it does

If you find yourself adjusting the shape of every new Smart Shape crescendo in the same way—for example, decreasing the opening of every crescendo mark—you can define a default opening width for the crescendo/decrescendo shape using this dialog box. Then, your Smart Shapes will have the appearance you specified. (You can always adjust them after they’re placed in the score, of course.)

You can choose a different character and font for any Smart Shape that uses a symbol from a font. Fonts and symbols can be set for Octave Up (8va), Octave Down (8vb), Two Octaves Up (15ma), Two Octaves Down (15mb), Trill (tr), Trill Extension (~), glissando and custom line. You can also make fine adjustments to the line width for Crescendo and Decrescendo markings, and set the exact length of hooks on single and double hooked Smart Shapes.

Note: Most changes you make to the Smart Shape Options settings affect all existing Smart Shapes in the score, except manually edited shapes. Changes made to the Make Horizontal checkbox affect only future crescendos or decrescendos.

Note. The Trill Extension settings affect the wavy line by itself and the wavy line with the "tr" marking.

Note. This setting affects line thicknesses of crescendo and decrescendo markings only. Line thickness for all other Smart Shape lines in the piece is defined by the other Line Thickness setting in this dialog box or in the Smart Line Designer dialog box for custom lines.

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