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Edit Frame dialog box

How to get there

  1. Click the Speedy Entry tool.
  2. Click outside or between staves to remove the Speedy Entry Frame.
  3. CTRL+click a measure that contains music.

What it does

You’ll rarely, if ever, need to enter this extremely technical dialog box. It lists dozens of coded variables regarding the notes in the measure you clicked, and allows you to edit the "behind-the-scenes" raw data Finale associates with each note.

Each note in a measure has a good deal of information stored with it, including its ID number, its voice assignment, whether or not it "launches" a tie, and so on; in this dialog box, you can set each such "bit" manually. You’ll encounter some technical terms in this discussion; one of the most important is entry, which refers to any note, rest, or chord.

You can hide ledger lines on an entry by deselecting the Ledger checkbox in the Frame dialog box. There is also a Slur checkbox that indicates whether a slur is attached to an entry.

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