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To add rehearsal marks

  1. Click the Expression tool  image\Expression_Tool.gif.
  2. Hold down the m key and click a measure. Finale adds the rehearsal mark in the correct sequence (A, B, C, etc.). Alternatively, double-click a measure to open the Expression Selection dialog box where you can choose the desired rehearsal mark expression.

Finale's default auto-sequenced rehearsal mark expression looks like this:

If the document you are using was created in a version of Finale prior to Finale 2012, the m Metatool key will not be assigned to rehearsal marks, and your existing expressions will not be setup for auto-sequencing. You will need to define a new rehearsal mark expression to benefit from this feature. See To define and add a custom rehearsal mark in order to create automatically sequenced rehearsal marks.


Note. To easily add a rehearsal mark to your score while in Simple Entry, press the X key with a note selected and then press the m key. See Simple Entry Tool.



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