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You must be in Page View to reduce or enlarge a staff or system.

To reduce or enlarge a staff or system

  1. Click the Resize tool  image\Resize_Tool.gif.
  2. Click on a staff (to resize the staff), or between any two staves in a system (to resize the system).Right-click to choose the element you would like to resize from a context menu. The Resize Staff (or Staff System) dialog box appears, asking you how you want to resize the staff or system.

If you’re reducing or enlarging a system, you see two important options. Click Hold Margins if you intend to reduce the music itself but not the system margins, thus increasing the number of measures that fit on the line. Click Resize Vertical Space if, in reducing a system, you want less space between this system and the next, proportional to the reduction.

If you’re reducing or enlarging a system, you’ll also want to look at the Staff Sizing. This section can be very useful for calculating the combined scaling of staff and system. This can help avoid the necessity of resizing the page and scaling text blocks.

Tip. the absolute staff height is 96 EVPUs or .3333 inches or .8467 cm.

  1. Enter the desired reduction or enlargement percentage. Specify the range of systems you want to affect. Click OK. If you reduced or enlarged a system with Hold Margins selected, the measure widths will appear to be uneven.
  2. Choose Utilities > Update Layout. To restore a staff or system to its original size, click on the staff or system with the Resize tool. When the dialog box appears, enter 100 (%) and click OK.



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