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To record an audio track

  1. Chosoe View > Studio View. Audio tracks are only visible in Studio View.
  2. Choose Document > Playback/Record Options. Choose Dynamics and Markings > Chase from First Measure. Click OK.
  3. Choose MIDI/Audio > Audio Track > Add Audio Track. An audio track appears above your instrument staves, and below the TempoTap staff.
  4. Choose the HyperScribe tool image\HyperScribe_Tool.gif. At this point the steps are basically the same as recording a HyperScribe session.
  5. Choose HyperScribe > Record ModeRecord Into One Staff.
  6. Choose HyperScribe > Beat Source > Playback and/or Click. Choose Start Signal for Recording > None (Record Immediately). This setting tells Finale to begin recording using the number of countoff measures specified in the Click and Countoff dialog box.
  7. Click the first measure, listen to two bars of metronome clicks, then begin recording into the microphone.
  8. When you are done, click the score to stop the recording. The audio you just recorded is visible in the audio track. Click Play in the Playback Controls to listen to your document. Click on the audio track again to record over the original recording. If there is a delay in the transmission from the microphone to your computer, you can adjust the audio latency to resolve the difference in all future recordings. See To Correct Audio Recording Latency

Finale allows a single audio track in any document. For more advanced options, such as editing the reverb of the audio file or recording multiple voices; use audio editing software, save as aWave, and import the audio file into a Finale document's audio track. See Audio.



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