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Edit/Enharmonic Spelling

Use the commands in this submenu to control the chromatic spelling of your music when you enter notes using MIDI or use one of Finale's retranscription commands such as the MIDI/Audio menu's Retranscribe or Utilitiy menu's Respell Notes. You can also edit enharmonic spelling tables for major and minor keys, and for modal or chromatic spelling created in the Non-Standard Key Signature dialog box.

To determine how to spell diatonic notes (the unaltered pitches within the scale) entered in your music, Finale always uses the key signature. As an example, if the key signature is G major and you play F sharp, it will always be notated as F sharp, not as G flat. When you chromatically alter a note, Finale will use the enharmonic spelling method selected to determine how to notate it. For instance, in the key of C, the half-step between C and D may be notated as C sharp or D flat depending on your enharmonic spelling selection.


Use Default Spelling

Favor Sharps

Favor Flats

Use Spelling Tables

Edit Major and Minor Key Spellings

Edit Modal or Chromatic Spellings


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