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Measure repeat signs

The measure repeat symbol ( ), often used in rhythm parts, indicates that the measure in which it appears is to be a repetition of the previous measure. See also Number Repeated Measures Plug-in to place a number over each repeated measure.

To create a measure repeat sign

  1. Click the Staff tool and select the measures you want to contain measure repeat signs. See Selecting music for some region-selecting shortcuts.
  2. Choose Staff > Apply Staff Style. The Apply Staff Style dialog box appears.
  3. Select either One-Bar Repeat(s) or Two-Bar Repeat(s). Or, right-click and choose from the list of styles. Or, press O for a one bar repeat and T for a two bar repeat.
  4. Click OK. Finale hides all the music in all layers, and replaces it with these measure repeat marks.

To restore the music, select the measures again, and from the Staff Menu, choose Clear Staff Styles From (and then the desired score/part option or press the BACKSPACE key (laptop users Fn-6)).

You can edit the properties of the staff styles; see Staff styles for more detail.

If you need additional control over these symbols—if you don’t want the symbol centered in the measure, for example—you can also insert a measure repeat symbol as an expression. See Expressions.



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