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Send MIDI Value dialog box

How to get there

Choose MIDI/Audio > Send MIDI Value.

What it does

This dialog box simply provides a convenient way to transmit any MIDI message directly to your MIDI device. You might send a "note off" message on all channels in the event of MIDI lock (the same function as the All Notes Off command–see MIDI menu); you might use it to change the patch setting of one of your keyboards; or you could reset a MIDI keyboard’s sustain pedal or pitch wheel that’s become "stuck" in the down position, for example. The permissible range of values in any of the text boxes is zero to 127.

To send bank and program changes immediately, enter the program change and bank select values into the Send MIDI Value dialog box. Sending controller data is simple. To choose a controller, click Controller, then choose the name of the controller, such as 64:Sustain Pedal, from the Controller drop-down list.

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