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Rebeam to Time Signature

How to get there

  1. Click the Selection tool  image\Selection_Tool.gif, and select a region of measures.
  2. Choose Utilities > Rebeam > Rebeam to Time Signature.

What it does

Finale normally beams the eighth notes (and smaller values) in your piece according to the time signature. In other words, if the meter is 3/4, Finale groups eighth notes together in quarter-note groups (two to a beam). To specify a certain beaming pattern before you enter music, be sure to change the time signature accordingly.

If you need to change the beaming of your piece after you’ve already entered the music, however, you can do so in this dialog box, which looks identical to the one in which you set the time signature. You can even rebeam your piece in asymmetrical groupings—3+3 eighth notes in 3/4, for example.

The basic rhythmic value you use to define the "meter" in this window defines the new beaming patterns. For example, you can create 6/8 as six individual eighth notes (no beaming), as two dotted quarter notes (notes beamed in groups of three), and so on.

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