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Fit Measures dialog box

How to get there

  1. In Page View, click the Selection tool , and select a region of full measures.
  2. Choose Utilities > Fit Measures.

What it does

Using this powerful page-layout command, you can force Finale to place a group of selected measures onto one line (staff system) on the page. Or you can select a larger region of measures, and tell Finale to place them in groups of 4 (or any other number) per line. The Fit Measures command also allows you to lock the measure grouping and the contents.

Both of these options work by placing the selected measures into locked configurations. When the measures are locked, a lock icon will appear next to the system. See the View menu for more information about displaying or hiding these non-printing lock icons. (For more on measure groups, see Measure layout).

To undo measure groups you’ve created in this way, choose Update Layout from the Edit menu while pressing shift or press U in the Selection tool after selecting individual systems.


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