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MIDI Thru dialog box

How to get there

Choose MIDI/Audio > MIDI Thru. The MIDI Thru dialog box appears.

What it does

MIDI Thru is the MIDI configuration whereby you play the MIDI notes (or another controller) on a MIDI device, the MIDI signal travels to your computer, and the computer in turn sends the signal to a second MIDI output device—the one that actually produces the sound. If you have such a setup, you must turn on MIDI Thru to tell Finale to pass incoming MIDI signals along to the next MIDI device.

Use the MIDI Thru dialog box to choose how you want MIDI Thru to work when you use Finale. The choices are to turn MIDI Thru off, map all channels to a single fixed channel, use Smart MIDI Thru (for recording with HyperScribe or editing with Speedy Entry), map each channel directly to the channel that is being played, or use an editable table of channels where you explicitly map each incoming channel to the outgoing channel you specify.

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