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Key velocity

Key velocity, also called note velocity, is the MIDI data that describes how hard a key was struck. A note’s key velocity usually determines its volume, although velocity can be programmed to affect other playback elements, depending on your MIDI keyboard. Finale can record the key velocity for every single note you play using the HyperScribe Tool. See also Auto-Dynamic Placement Plug-in.

There are two ways to affect the key velocity of notes in your score. The quickest method uses the MIDI tool to directly edit note (key) velocities. The other method involves placing into the score standard musical markings that have been defined for playback (an accent, a forte mark, and so on).

To copy or erase key velocity data

See  MIDI —To copy or erase captured (or edited) MIDI data.

To affect the key velocity of a single note (Articulations) or Expressions

See Articulations; Crescendo/Decrescendo; Dynamics.


Editing key velocity with the MIDI Tool

Recording key velocity information


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