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Key Signature dialog box

How to get there

Click the Key Signature tool  image\Key_Signature_Tool.gif, and double-click the measure at which you want the key to change. (There are a variety of other ways to access this dialog box; you can arrive at it from any dialog box or menu with a Set Key or Change Key command.)

What it does

This dialog box contains a scrolling list of key signatures from which you can select a key (to change keys in your document, or for a variety of other purposes). You can also specify whether or not you want the notes transposed into the new key, and what range of measures you want to affect Finale will default to the key of C Major in the few cases where Finale needs a default setting. This dialog box also provides a gateway to Finale’s nonstandard key signature capabilities.

Tip. Select Transpose All Keys Proportionally to maintain the modulations as you change the key.


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