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Special Key Signature Attributes dialog box

How to get there

  1. Click the Key Signature tool  image\Key_Signature_Tool.gif, and double-click the measure in which you want the key to change.
  2. The Key Signature dialog box appears. (There are a variety of other ways to access this dialog box.)
  3. Choose Nonstandard from the drop-down list.
  4. Click the Attribute icon.

What it does

This dialog box concerns the creation of linear key formats and nonlinear key signatures; see Nonstandard Key Signature dialog box for a more complete discussion. In brief, Finale lets you create nonstandard key systems and key signatures, based on scales with any number of steps, and with accidentals placed in any order you want.

For any such key system you create, you can specify a number of special attributes, such as the symbols you want to use in the key signature (instead of the flat and sharp symbols).

You can use this parameter to good advantage if you want to transform your synthesizer into a transposing synthesizer (as far as Finale is concerned). For example, if you set the Middle Key Number to 48 (C below middle C), Finale will interpret every note you play as a note an octave higher; likewise, when Finale plays back a score, it will play notes on your synthesizer an octave lower than written.

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