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Document/Display In Concert Pitch

With Finale, any staff that’s had a transposition applied in the ScoreManager—a trumpet or clarinet part, for example—always prints in its transposed key in parts. However, you also have the option of viewing the music in either its transposed or concert form. Choose this command if you want Finale to display the score or part in concert key. This setting applies to the currently visible score or linked part independently. If this command is not selected, staves will display transposing instruments in their transposed keys. (Music you enter using the Simple or Speedy Entry tools is considered already transposed. In other words, if you play a C on the MIDI keyboard using the MIDI input feature of the Speedy Entry tool, it appears as a C on the transposed staff, even though it will play back as some other note, because you’ve just entered a written C.)



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