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File/Save Preferences

You can customize your Main Tool Palette and the document window to the work environment best suited to your music, so you can get straight to work when you open a file. The Save Preferences command gives you control over when to save these settings.

When exiting Finale, preferences set in the application will be automatically saved. If you prefer that they are only saved when you choose the New Save Preferences command, choose Preferences from the Edit menu and choose the Save category. Click Save Preferences When Exiting Finale to uncheck it. You can control when Finale saves the application-wide preferences that you set (for example, rulers, measurement units, the state of Speedy commands), saving them any time in the application.

Organize the tools, change the palette size and location, or set menu options such as Use MIDI Device just the way you want them, then choose Save Preferences from the File menu. Finale saves your settings with preferences in the Finale.INI file (in your Finale folder).


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