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Choose Save to store any changes you’ve made to the active document. You can also use the File menu Toolbar icon to save a file.

When you’re working on a Finale document (or any computer file), your changes to the file are stored in temporary files that are deleted when you exit the program. As long as you’re in Finale and the computer is on, the computer’s memory retains your editing.

If the power fails or a system error occurs, however, all your editing is lost forever, unless you have remembered to save the changes onto a disk by choosing this command. It’s a good idea to save your work fairly often—every ten minutes, perhaps; if you’re the kind of person who forgets, consider using Finale’s automatic backup feature (see Save under Program Options). If you intend to open the file on a machine running Windows, make sure Append File Extensions is checked.

Backup files. Finale can automatically save a backup copy of your file in the same folder as the original file. You can also select the folder to save Backup files. See Save(under Preferences).

Although the concept of a backup seems simple enough, it does warrant a little explanation. The first time you save a file, you have to give the file a name. All subsequent times you save this file, you are automatically replacing an earlier version of the file with the same name. This earlier version of the file is preserved as a backup. The backup file is saved with the extension .BAK, to help you identify it. Therefore the backup is always one version behind your current file (in case you just saved something you shouldn't have). Keep in mind that the first time you save a file, no backup is made, since there isn't a previous version to preserve. Similarly, no backup is made when you perform a Save As function.

Note. The Save command saves only the active document (the one in the frontmost window).

Tip. Choose the Save File Tool from the File menu Toolbar to save your work as well.


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