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When you choose the Open command, the Open dialog box appears, in which there are the kinds of files Finale is capable of opening: Finale Notation File (*.MUS), Standard MIDI File (*.MID), Finale Template File (*.FTM), and Lesson File (*.LSN). Choose All Files (*.*) if you want Finale to display all files in the current folder, regardless of file type. Use SHIFT-click to select more than one file to open. You can also use the File menu Toolbar icon to open a file.

A Finale Notation File is the usual notation file you’ve been working with all along. It can be read by either the Macintosh or Windows version of Finale.  A MIDI File is a standard music file format that most sequencer programs can read and create. A Lesson File is a text file that contains a collection of exercises for the Exercise Wizard.

As you select each of the file types from the File Type drop down list, the names in the File Name list box change to the files with the corresponding extension. The Folder list box works like any Windows Folder list box; double-click a folder to see its contents and use the scroll bars if necessary to view more folders. Select a different drive from the “Look in” drop-down list to view the contents of another drive.


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