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File/Load Library

Because you may want to use different kinds of symbols in different kinds of pieces, Finale allows you to save any special symbols you create while working in a document (articulations, chord symbols, and so on) into separate files called libraries. These sets of musical elements may then be “loaded into” any document. See Save Library dialog box.

A Finale document with no libraries loaded will seem stripped-down, because each time you open a selection dialog box (to place an articulation or chord symbol, for example), it will be empty. That’s why the Maestro Font Default file has already been loaded with the most commonly used libraries so you can begin work immediately. You can also load additional libraries into any document by choosing Load Library; an Open dialog box appears, letting you double-click the name of the library you want to load.

A starter set of libraries is included with your Finale package; they’re in a folder called Libraries. A full description of these libraries and their contents appears in the Appendix (See Finale Libraries).



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