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All Finale’s document settings can be restored to their previous settings with the “undo” command. After you change a dialog box that contains document settings and click OK to dismiss the dialog box, you can choose Undo from the Edit menu to return to the previous settings. You can also use the Edit menu Toolbar icon to undo any action. Data Check actions are also undoable when you return to the active document.

You can undo the settings in all dialog boxes in the Document Options dialog box under the Document menu, and in dialog boxes associated with the tools that contain document settings. These dialog boxes include: the Default Tuplet Visual Definition; and all dialog boxes associated with the Smart Shape menu (Smart Shape tool).

As you edit a file, Finale automatically saves your operations so they can be quickly reversed if you choose Undo from the Edit menu. However, you might occasionally run low on disk space while you’re working in Finale. A quick way to recover space without exiting Finale is to toggle Undo off and on in the Edit section of the Program Options (see Preferences- Edit). This causes Finale to delete and recreate the “undo” files it’s currently maintaining, which frees up space on your hard disk. These files will always be automatically deleted when you exit Finale. See Undo. 


Tip: Choose the Undo Tool from the Edit menu Toolbar to perform this action.


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