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Human Playback Preferences - Dynamics & Volume dialog box

How to get there

  1. Choose Window > Playback Controls.
  2. Click on the Playback Settings button on the Playback Controls.
  3. Click Dynamics & Volume.

What it does

Use these options to customize Human Playback’s interpretation of dynamic markings such as hairpins and dynamic expressions.

For sustaining GPO instruments, dynamics are controlled by Controller #1 entirely, allowing a cresc from the finest up to a on the same sustained note, with, unlike GM Volume, highly realistic timbre and dynamic changes. In this context, Velocity is used for the initial attack only (average attack value is 80 - See Optimize Attacks below).

Since dynamic expressions use Velocity, one might ask, how does HP avoid interfering with the proper attack? HP doesn't modify the expression's definition, but actually readjusts every note's velocity depending on the current dynamic, to match the Attack Base Value. At first stage, this is done uniformly, but some further adjustments are brought for accentuated or staccato notes.

Accents (Velocity peak in articulation) are also adjusted by HP since GM and GPO velocities are not equivalent. -like accents are given both a velocity peak and a Controller #1-based peak. An receives a max velocity accent value of 127, and an of 115.

Once Velocities have been optimized, HP processes hairpins (or flat dynamics if any) using Controller #1 throughout sustaining instruments.

Note. that the setting for this option can be overwritten with a Technique.

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