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Selective Mirror dialog box

How to get there

After creating a mirror with the Mirror tool:

  1. Choose Window > Advanced Tools. Click the Mirror tool  image\Mirror_Tool.gif.
  2. SHIFT+click the mirror measure (which displays the Mirror icon).
  3. Click Selective Mirror ID.

When creating a composite mirror:

  1. Choose Window > Advanced Tools. Click the Mirror tool  image\Mirror_Tool.gif.
  2. Click an empty measure; the Tilting Mirror dialog box appears.
  3. Create a composite mirror in the usual way, ending by clicking Yes.
  4. Click Selective Mirror ID.

What it does

An intelligent copy of a full measure is called a mirror; a measure composed of selected notes from several different measures is called a composite mirror. There may be times, however, when you want to display only selected notes from a mirror or composite mirror. For example, you might want a certain measure to display only a single monophonic musical line distilled from the chordal right-hand piano part from which it was mirrored.

For this purpose, Finale offers you the ability to choose individual notes from a mirror or composite mirror; the result is a selective mirror.

In this graphic window, you can click the handles of the notes you want to include in the selective mirror. You can pick individual notes out of a chord or, by drag-enclosing several handles, you can select groups of notes within chords. Finale will automatically provide rests to replace any notes you don’t select.

Click Prev and Next to scroll through other mirror measures. When you’re finished, click OK; Finale automatically enters the number of the selective mirror in the text box.

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