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Garritan Ambience dialog box

How to get there

  1. Choose MIDI/Audio > VST Banks & Effects.
  2. From the FX drop-down menu for one bank of channels, choose Ambience Reverb, then click the adjacent Edit button.

What it does

From the Garritan documentation:

“Reverberation describes the phenomenon that occurs when a sound is made in an ambient space. Whenever a sound is produced it radiates in all directions in that space. When these radiated sounds hit a surface such as a wall or the ceiling, the sound is either reflected or absorbed. Our ears and our brain recognize these signals and let us know about the type and size of space we are in. Much in the same way as the acoustical space adds a great deal to the music, reverb can impart that certain three-dimensional ambient sound to sampled instruments. Reverb can also help smooth out the sounds of the instruments and cause them to blend together in the mix. Of all the effects that can be applied to music, reverb is perhaps the most widely used since it emulates the sound that's literally heard everywhere around us. The Ambience™ Reverb plug-in is an excellent-sounding reverb that rivals the quality of some of the best commercial reverbs. Ambience allows you to simulate the reverberation of a concert hall and other performance spaces. Included with Ambience are customized presets that were designed for the instruments of Garritan Personal Orchestra. These presets include concert halls, a cathedral, ballrooms, parlors, halls, and other performance spaces. You can also design your own spaces with Ambience.”

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