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Graphics menu

How to get there

From the Window menu, choose Advanced Tools. Click the Graphics tool  image\Graphics_Tool.gif.


What it does

Use the Graphics menu to export a selected region of a page, or to export one or more pages, and save them as either EPS (PostScript) or TIFF files. Export full pages or portions of pages as EPS or TIFF files. Place EPS, TIFF or TIFF graphics into your score (in Scroll or Page View), and assign them to a measure, a page, or a range of pages. Use the Check Graphics command to verify that Finale is able to locate the graphics files placed into the document. Once you’ve placed a graphic into the score, you can adjust its placement using the Alignment submenu (for page-assigned graphics) or the Attributes command.


Export Selection

Export Pages

Place Graphic



Center Horizontally


Top (Header)

Center Vertically

Bottom (Footer)

Position from Page Edge

Position from Page Margin


Check Graphics

Assign New Graphics to Measure

Assign New Graphics to Page


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