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File Integrity Test Results dialog box

How to get there

  1. Choose Document > Data Check > File Maintenance.
  2. Ensure Check File Integrity is checked and click OK.

What it does

Finale 2001 created files that were approximately one-third the size of files created with previous versions of Finale. This new capability, unfortunately, introduced a problem in which a small percentage of files are damaged when saved in the original release of Finale 2001. The symptom of this problem is that the last nine (or fewer) notes or rests that were entered before the file was saved AND closed will be missing when the file is reopened.

Finale 2012 prevents further damage from occurring. While using 2012 will completely prevent the problem from occurring in new files, files previously saved in Finale 2001 may already be damaged. The File Integrity Utility will examine the file for inconsistencies and try to repair the file.

Files last saved in Finale 2001 will automatically be tested for file integrity and corrected. Files created before Finale 2001 and last saved in Finale 2001a or later will ask if you wish to test file integrity. Once the file has been tested for file integrity and saved, you won't be prompted on that file again. Other files may benefit from the Test File Integrity utility.

The Test File Integrity dialog box displays a message stating whether it found inconsistencies in the file. Click on Details to display the types of items that were repaired in your score.

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