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Speedy menu

How to get there

Click the Speedy Entry tool image\Speedy_Entry_Tool.gif.

What it does

This menu contains settings that govern the music-entry operation of the Speedy Entry tool.



Speedy Options

Use MIDI Device for Input


Jump to Next Measure

Create New Measures

Check Beaming

Check Accidentals

Check for Extra Notes

Use Five Line Staff

Edit TAB as Standard Notation

Auto Freeze Accidentals

Insert Notes or Rests

Speedy Edit Commands

Add Note

Delete Note

Delete Entry

Show/Hide Entry

Raise Half Step (Entire Measure)

Lower Half Step

Raise Half Step (Entire Measure)

Lower Half Step (Entire Measure)

Show/Hide Accidental

Freeze/Unfreeze Accidental


Enharmonic (Entire Measure)

Add/Remove Accidental Parentheses

Flip Stem Direction

Set Stem Direction to Automatic

Break/Join Beam

Flat Beam

Tie/Untie to Next Note

Tie/Untie to Prev Note

Add Dot

Grace Note

Slash Grace Note

Freeze/Float Rest

Speedy Navigation

Previous Measure

Next Measure

Next Layer

Change Voice

Up Staff

Down Staff

Start of Measure

End of Measure

Previous Note

Next Note

Up Step

Down Step

Tie Direction






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